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Mastercraft was established in 1946 by Harry Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg envisioned a growing demand for durable, high-grade cleaning tools and attachments to assist institutional cleaning and floorcare professionals by making their jobs simpler and more cost effective, helping them to fully realize the fruits of their labor. His aim was to focus on the growth and overall success of the customers business first, thereby creating a long-term partnership through mutual winning results.

For more than 60 years Mastercraft followed the guiding principle of its founder by manufacturing and marketing a full range of high performance floorcare and cleaning equipment that represents the utmost in quality, durability and cost savings for the end-user professionals.

Today Mastercraft continues to manufacture and market a full range of high-performance, durable floorcare products including floor machines, burnishers, specialty floor sanders, grinders, and polishers for wood, concrete and stone floor resurfacing, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors and a full range of commercial, industrial and specialty vacuum solutions.
  • $67.45

    14" Pancake Cloth Filter

    Cloth Filter - 14" Pancake w/vinyl gasket For use with:  Mastercraft 605D Mastercraft P4510-W Sootmaster 652M Sootmaster 641M *Image may differ ...

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  • $84.89

    10ft Vinyl Vacuum Hose

    10ft Vinyl Vacuum Hose with 1.5" Swivel Hose Connection

  • $159.39

    Sootmaster 10 Ft Rubber Lined Ash Soot Heat Resist Canvas Hose

    Sootmaster® 10 Ft Rubber Lined Canvas Hose. Tough and puncture resistant hose for those heavy duty furnace and boiler soot ash cleaning jobs. Shown...

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  • $118.81

    458295- CT9 Cartridge Filter (round)

    CT9 Cartridge Filter (round) For use with Mastercraft CT9 Hospital HEPA *Image may differ from actual product. Be sure to check your manufactu...

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  • $80.54

    1 Piece Steel Wand

    1 Piece Steel WandDouble bend with sleeve and tightening nut 1.5" connection

  • $80.54

    458155- CT9 HEPA Cassette Filter

    CT9 HEPA Cassette Filter For use with Mastercraft CT9 Hospital HEPA *Image may differ from actual product. Be sure to check your manufacturer ...

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  • $56.75

    11" Plastic Crevice Tool

    11" Plastic Crevice Tool 1.5" connection

  • $69.98

    Enviromaster 1010DAF Paper Filter Bag - 306177

    Disposable Paper Filter Bag - 2Ply, Glued top and bottom 5 pack. For use with Enviromaster 1010DAF *Image may differ from actual product. Be sure...

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  • $69.20

    16" Deepdish Cloth Filter

    Cloth Filter - 16" Deepdish w/vinyl gasket (**Wire cage not included) For use with: Select Sootmaster Vacs  Mastercraft 1515-W Mastercraft 2012-...

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  • $57.69

    Sootmaster Genuine 14" Dacron Filter Bag - by Mstercraft

    Sootmaster® 14" Dacron Filter Bag Prevents particles from clogging the filter assembly. For use with Sootmaster Vacuum Cleaners models; 641M, 652M,...

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  • $100.70

    12"-14" Intermediate Filter

    12"-14" Intermediate Filter Single Ply Elastic

  • $61.80

    Enviromaster C7 MicroPly Paper Filter Bag - 411973

    Micro/Ply Disposable Paper Filter Bag - Double Ply, Glued top and bottom 5 pack with OSHA Disposal Stickers For use with: Enviromaster C7 ...

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  • $225.20

    459798- 14" Concrete Filter w/Gasket

    14" Concrete Filter w/Gasket Compatable  with;Dynavac 812DDynavac 1012D *Image may differ from actual product. Be sure to check your manufac...

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  • $53.32

    Twinmaster MicroPly Paper Filter Bags

    Micro/Ply Disposable Paper Filter Bags 5 Pack For use with; Mastercraft Twinmaster 14 Mastercraft Twinmaster 18

  • $64.85

    14" Hose Cage

    Keep your unruly hose in a cage where it belongs. Known compatibility with Dynavac 812D and 1012D

  • $63.54

    Sootmaster 27" Furnace and Boiler Soot and Ash Cleaning Crevice Tool

    Sootmaster® 27" Crevice Tool Reaches deep into furnaces and ducting. Wide mouth captures more soot and ash per second.

  • $57.06

    3" Round Dusting Brush

    3" Round Dusting BrushPlastic, 1.25" connection

  • $65.72

    Enviromaster U12 - Paper Filter Bag

    Genuine Mastercraft Enviromaster® U12 replacement vacuum cleaner bags 10 Pack

  • $65.18

    16" Intermediate Filter (2 Pack)

    16" Diameter Intermediate Filter Extends the life of the dry filter and motor headSingle PlyElastic

  • $78.79

    14" Metal Squeegee Tool

    14" Metal Squeegee Tool1.5" diameter Front brush loosens dirt and debris while rear squeegee ensure proper wet pickup.

  • $82.28

    14" Metal Floor Brush

    14" Metal Floor Brush1.5" diameter Perfect for concrete, hardwood as well as ceramic and all other types of flooring. Dual wheels make for easy to ...

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  • $163.01

    11 Cubic Foot Heavy Duty Collector Bag

    11 Cubic Foot Heavy Duty Collector Bag with 55" zipper that opens bag for fast emptying. Rodent resistant. Compatible with Mastercraft SV240, SV280...

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  • $55.94

    Sootmaster 6" Metal Utility Tool

    6" wide metal utility tool with 1.5" connection.

  • $156.98

    16" Wet Pickup Adapter - Steel Vacs

    16" Wet Pickup Adapter for steel tank vacs. Use for removal of liquids.