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2 Powerfresh Steam Cleaner Mop Pad Microfiber Replacement. Bissell Bissel 5938 and 203-2633 Comparable for 1940 Series Models. Home Revolution Brand Aftermarket Quality.

Product Features:
  • QUALITY MATERIALS FOR A SPOTLESS SURFACE: 2 types of steam mop pads are included to fit your surface cleaning needs: 1 Soft Microfiber Mop Pad for everyday cleaning + 1 Soft Microfiber Mop Pad with scrubbing strips for tougher & stickier messes around the house!
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE USE TO KILL BACTERIA + WASHABLE: Utilize our mop pads with your Bissell mop system to kill bacteria with hot steam! PLUS they're washable and reusable!
  • METICULOUSLY DESIGNED TO COMPARE: Part # 5938 and 203-2633.
  • QUALITY AFTERMARKET HOME REVOLUTION REPLACEMENT: Made to Fit PowerFresh 1940 Series Models; 19402, 19404, 19408, 1940A, 1940Q, 1940T NOT OEM.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Or your money back!

Product Description

Home Revolution Brand products provide High-Quality Bissell 1940 Series PowerFresh Steam Mop for your Bissell Vacuums.

Made to Fit the following models: Fits PowerFresh 1940 Series Models; 19402, 19404, 19408, 1940A, 1940Q, 1940T. Compare to Part # 5938 and 203-2633.

This is not an OEM product and is not covered under any OEM warranty. The brand names and logos referenced here are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of these brand names, models or part number designations for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. This is a replacement product carefully crafted by Home Revolution. Home Revolution mop pads exhilarate the home and mind. With a powerful style of manufacturing, we link quality pads and earth-friendly intention together.

100% quality pads and satisfaction or your money back! This is a replacement product carefully crafted, a HOMEREV (TM) Brand.

  • PERFORMANCE: Worn parts may affect your equipments efficiency and performance.
  • ENERGY & EFFICIENCY: Worn parts causes the unit to work harder to do its job.
  • EXPERT TIP: Regularly check your equipment’s worn parts for maximum efficiency.
You want a high-quality, low-cost mop pads that removes particles, resists airflow and improves the expected life of your HVAC, refrigerator, air purifier, humidifier, furnace or car.

Additional Information

ManufacturerHome Revolution
Made to FitPowerFresh 1940 Series Models; 19402, 19404, 19408, 1940A, 1940Q, 1940T
Package Quantity1
UCC / UPC799599836632


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