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Why Invest in a Commercial Upright Vacuum

If your business has a lot of floor space, you will spend more time maintain it than you want to. Whether you operate a retail environment or you maintain large inventory in a warehouse setting, all types of businesses face similar problems when it comes to floor care. No matter what your space is used for, keeping the floors clean is very important.

A clean floor will increase consumer confidence, reduce the risk of injury and improve the quality of your working environment. Finding the right balance of time and personnel management can have a huge impact on your floor’s condition. The other important factor to bear in mind is maintaining the proper balance of commercial cleaning equipment.

If you have ever cleaned more than several hundred square feet of flooring, you know that the task can be overwhelming. Household vacuum cleaners simply cannot do the job. They lack the power to take on the toughest jobs. They are limited in their capacity to clean, because their bags or canisters fill up quickly. Even the power chords on domestic vacuums are too short for most large spaces.

For businesses of almost any size, a commercial upright vacuum may be a wise investment. There are many commercial vacuum benefits for businesses, and they include:

  • Powerful motors that will clean floors in one pass, saving time and money.
  • Long power cables, up to 50 feet, that reduce the number of times you have to find a new electrical outlet.
  • Wider cleaning paths than domestic vacuums that clean more floor in one pass.
  • Durable construction, including heavy duty metal components such as foot pedals that will last longer than plastic.
  • Additional cleaning tools on board make the job easier without having to purchase peripherals.

Imagine cleaning a showroom every day with a household vacuum. While it may work, you will spend more than twice the time cleaning it as you would with a machine properly suited for the job. By upgrading to a commercial vacuum, you will save time. Since commercial vacuums are built to last much longer than their household counterparts, you will also spend less money over time. Many commercial cleaners carry extended warranties that cover the motor or fan for the lifetime of the machine. The internal components will often be made of more durable material, with less emphasis on plastic than domestic cleaners.

Vacuuming is not just for carpet, either. Tile floors can be a breeze with a commercial vacuum, simply by adjusting the height settings. Even if the majority of your floors are hardwood, vacuuming is a quick, safe way to clean them. As with all cleaning procedures, it is important that these floors are vacuumed properly to avoid damage.

With the exception of any company policies, there are no standards in place that regulate how a commercial floor is cleaned. Schools and other public places must comply to certain standards, particularly to comply with green cleaning protocol in certain states.

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