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When Not to Use Air Movers

There are plenty of great uses for air movers. In cases where large amounts of water make it into a building, it can be extremely tough to get it out. Particularly when there is carpet on the floor, even a professional water removal service will have difficulty getting things dry. Air movers will assist in efforts to dry things quickly and effectively. For some tasks, an air mover might seem like the best choice for a speedy dry, but it can also be the wrong piece equipment for the job.

Large wooden floors must be treated, stained and sealed if they are expected to last. Each of these steps is a time-intensive process that requires patience and skill. Even the most skilled craftsman may look for ways to speed up the job. Spending less time applying the lacquer, for example, may be attractive. In some cases, a rushed job might not look any different from one where time was taken. The drying process can be the most arduous, because lacquer has to cure. It may be tempting to bring in some industrial air movers to get the job done quickly. While they will get the job done more quickly, the air movers will also create a lackluster finish on the new floor. In this case, using a great technology to speed up the work process can end up ruining the whole job.

The large floors where a job like this may be necessary include gym floors. While it is not a good idea to use a mover to speed up the finishing process, they are perfect for unexpected messes. Water can ruin expensive wood floors if it is allowed to sit for a long period of time. Having an air mover on hand for spills and leaks is essential to a gym floor cleaning game plan.

Outdoor water cleanup or drying jobs may require special equipment to handle the task. While it is acceptable to use air movers outside, people must be aware of the power supply and where the power cables are running. Keep in mind that industrial equipment is never one size fits all. It is possible to use a piece of equipment in a different way than it was intended to be used, but certain air movers are designed for certain tasks. Businesses should familiarize themselves with the recommended and acceptable use of their equipment. Manufacturers will provide documentation that details such approved use. When in doubt, anyone using the equipment should contact the manufacturer directly for clarification. Using an item in a way in which it was not intended may damage the device or void any existing warranty.

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