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What to Look For in a Floor Machine

Business owners nationwide are getting ready to take the plunge and become floor machine owners. Taking the proper steps before you make a large purchase can make a big difference in your satisfaction in the long run. By understanding exactly what you need before you commit financially, you will make a wise investment that will last for years. Prior to buying any floor care equipment, make sure you answer a few key questions.

What is my budget? Depending on the size of your organization and the level of complexity of your floorcare plan, you can expect a wide variety of options at any number of prices. For example, an industrial quality floor buffer may run anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars. To make sure that you are buying enough machine, and not too much, continue to define your goals to determine which option best suits you.

How to I intend to use the machine? Knowing exactly how you plan to use a floor machine at your facilities will affect the type of machine you buy. If your floors are primarily tile or laminate, a burnisher might be a good choice. With a burnisher, you can strip, wax, clean and polish your floors without switching to another machine. Buffers can be more affordable, and they may be a good option if you do not intend to use your machine for multiple applications. If your floors are primarily hard wood or concrete, on the other hand, an industrial sweeper might be the best time saver.

How big should the machine be? Know the size of your space and plan accordingly. When you are shopping for a floor machine, there are many factors to consider beyond its physical size. The motor speed will greatly impact the time it takes your custodial staff to complete floor care projects. The size of the contact surface will have a similarly large effect on the machine’s utility. The larger the contact surface, or attachment, and the faster the machine, the less time you will spend cleaning or polishing floors.

When will I be able to replace my new machine? No one wants to think about buying something new right after they make a big purchase. However, if you are realistic with your expectations and determine a long-term plan for your floor equipment, it will help you make the best choice now. If you know that you will be able to invest in a large, electric scrubber in five years, for example, it will effect what you purchase right now. Consider your goals and make budget arrangements in advance. That way, you will end up with a functioning suite of floor care equipment in a manageable period of time.

As you search for good value on a floor machine, these simple guides will help you determine the best value for your organization at this time. Remember to be realistic in your expectations and to not settle for low-quality money savers.

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