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Walk Behind Sweeper: Your one-stop cleaning machine

It’s common knowledge that a presentable environment attracts more customers. That is why having a sweeper in your custodial inventory is a must. A sweeper is a janitorial tool that pushes away debris left on floor surfaces. The more cost-effect sweeper is the walk behind sweeper, which gets the job done in a faster and more efficient manner than other types of sweepers.

A walk behind sweeper is a year-round product to handle a variety of cleanup jobs, including sweeping 4-inch-deep snow piles, “dethatching” lawns, and cleaning other debris. Walk behind power sweepers are ideal for picking up debris on a variety of commercial and industrial surfaces, combining brushing action with an on board vacuum for efficient cleaning. This type of floor cleaning product is most commonly used for sidewalk sweeping, driveway cleaning, barn cleaning, snow removal, retail outdoor cleanup, and spring cleanup on turf. A walk behind sweeper can also be used on carpet or hard floor surface such as, vinyl composition tile, smooth or rough concrete, and asphalt.  Walk behind sweepers can be used to pick up objects as light as sheets of paper, or heavier objects such gravel.

Forklift Sweeper


These rugged machines are popular choices with factories, plants, mills, and mining facilities. Rather than light plastic models, these are usually made of steel and are designed to handle the toughest floor surfaces. Features include side brooms that pick up dirt in corners. Most of these machines can run up to five hours on a charge. There are also manual sweepers that can be used in small warehouses, machine shops, and retail stores.

There are walk behind sweepers, which are available in sizes varying from 22” to 40”.  Typically they are used to clean smaller, harder to reach areas, yet too large to sweep. It is not uncommon to sweep in ten minutes what it takes the average person to sweep one hour with a push broom.

Compact Manual Sweeper


Because walk behind sweepers cost a lot of money, owners should do a lot of research before purchasing and selecting the right machine for their business. Keeping the business’s environment clean of dirt and debris is important because it makes the area safer and more approachable. It also creates a positive image, reduces the opportunity for risk, and increases the possibility of potential new business.

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