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Vinyl Composition Tile Maintenance

Vinyl composition tile, better known as VCT, is designed to be durable and economical and can hold up well in high traffic areas. The versatile tile is available in many colors, sizes and patterns and is particularly popular in schools and hospitals. Best of all, scuffs and scrapes can easily be removed with the proper equipment.  The key to keeping vinyl composition tile looking new is regular cleaning, waxing and polishing.


AquaRinse™ P2015SAPPR

Regular VCT Maintenance is essential because keeping dirt and debris off this type of flooring helps to prevent scratching the wax that keeps VCT looking shiny and new. You can sweep and mop these floors on a daily basis, or you can utilize a machine that sucks up dirt and allows for cleaning solution application as well. An ideal choice is the AquaRinse vacuum, which is designed for special applications that require solution pressure spraying and concurrent liquid recovery. Just fill the ten gallon solution ring tank and turn on the machine; it’s like sweeping, mopping and vacuuming all in one.  You’ll be able to remove debris on the surface like dust, crumbs, etc., and remove dried and caked on mud and dirt. This machine features a 20 gallon vacuum tank made of high impact plastic that will not leak or dent, a heavy duty motor head, and specially designed cleaning attachments.  These attachments include a 15 foot hose-in-hose, aluminum wand and 14” double blade squeegee with 6 spray nozzles; solution is sprayed on surfaces, contained, and vacuumed up in one pass. This machine can also be used on marble and stone and is also ideal for cleaning up spills.

Mastercraft Legendary MD13B


When it comes to waxing your VCT floors, it helps to have to have one machine that can handle heavy duty stripping, scrubbing and polishing.  The Mastercraft Legendary MD13B can do all that and more. The machine features a simple yet rugged design that allows for low cost and maintenance requirements. The Legendary floor machine is built for large areas but can also handle small, confined areas just as well. The all steel gear system is lubricated with a specially designed flex coupler to withstand heavy duty work load while protecting the motor from damage.  The oversized handle grip is optimized for comfort and versatility with dual triggers for left or right handed operation and a built in safety lock to prevent accidental start up.  Other benefits of this machine include a 50 foot, 3 wire grounded safety power cord and non-marring bumpers to protect walls, molding and furniture from damage.


Together, these two machines can handle the majority of your vinyl composition tile maintenance needs.

The perfect machines for vinyl composition tile maintenance.

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