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Time-Saving Innovations in Professional Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete floor preparation is critical to a floor’s success, and it is evolving. These time-saving innovations can have a real impact on your business. Concrete floor resurfacing is a demanding operation, and what historically took several people a full day (equipped with several machines) can now be accomplished with lower labor cost, significant time savings and improved results thanks to innovative new technologies from Onfloor.

The new CRETEBOSS Multipurpose Concrete Rider from Onfloor does the job of two walk-behind machines and a crew of three workers. By paying attention to the details that cost the operator time, this new machine represents 40% labor savings, and it is 30% more productive than a comparable walk behind machine with its 54” cleaning path.

The three grinding pads minimize variation in the polish level of the machine, a vast improvement over single pad machines, and they can be adjusted for fine tuning without tools. The machine grinds at a pressure of up to 1,800 pounds, featuring six variable speed settings, and it also burnishes with a consistent polishing deck.

Concrete dust contains toxic crystalline silica, and grinding and burnishing concrete can be a health hazard. The CRETEBOSS answers this problem with a self cleaning system that removes dust without the need for vacuums or other machines, pulling up ground concrete dust on contact. It also filters the air to release clean air back into your space. The set of four filters is also self cleaning, saving the operator time on long jobs.

Maintenance on concrete care machinery can be almost as taxing as the job itself. The designers of the Creteboss took that into account every step of the way, making most jobs possible without the use of tools. When belts need to be replaced, the lighted compartment is easily accessible, and any operator can change the belt with a single wrench.

Since the CRETEBOSS does not have an edging feature, Onfloor offers the EDGE Multipurpose Edger. Creating a uniform, consistent age on your concrete floor is a challenge for even the most talented contractors. This compact device makes creating the perfect edge possible. Designed to hug the wall and fit where other machines cannot reach, this edger features a powerful five horse power motor with a smart drive system that is consistent and smooth.

The machine is equipped with a position pin, allowing its operator to rotate around the edger in 180 degrees of motion. It runs on compact swivel casters that increase its flexibility, and the machine includes durable, non-marking wheels for transport as well.

These versatile machines represent a shift in concrete preparation. By investing considerable time in research and development, Onfloor has created a powerful option that contends with the best floor machines on the market. The company emphasizes utility functionality and ease of operation to maximize productivity. With the CRETEBOSS alone, one person can grind and polish 3,000 square feet of concrete floor in a single work day.

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