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  • How To Clean Marble Floors
    June 2, 2017 Jay Goldberg

    How To Clean Marble Floors

    Marble flooring is often focal point in high-end commercial buildings, especially in client-facing parlors and meeting rooms. But cleaning marble floors can be a challenge for the business’ maintenance crew. Marble requires a different sort of cleaning process that other...

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Sealing And Finishing Your Floors
    May 5, 2017 Jay Goldberg

    The Ultimate Guide To Sealing And Finishing Your Floors

    Replacing floors is one of the biggest organizational expenses, with regards to building costs, due to the high price of materials, necessary manpower, and inconvenience to and loss of productivity of workers in the building. Minimize this expense by protecting...

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  • Getting Ready To Clean Your Business’ Bathroom
    April 6, 2017 Jay Goldberg

    Getting Ready To Clean Your Business’ Bathroom

    There’s an old saying, “You can tell the quality of a restaurant by how clean their bathroom is.” The same is true for workplaces, schools, and office complexes. A clean bathroom demonstrates a caring staff and administration. However, it’s also...

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  • March 6, 2017 Jay Goldberg

    The 5 Things To Consider With Commercial Cleaning

    We’ve discussed the 5 Ways Clean Floors Generate a Profitable Business, but what can you do to keep your business’ floors clean, clear, and sparkling in order to promote a productive business? There are 5 things to consider when determining...

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  • June 1, 2011 Jay Goldberg

    What to Look For in a Floor Machine

    Business owners nationwide are getting ready to take the plunge and become floor machine owners. Taking the proper steps before you make a large purchase can make a big difference in your satisfaction in the long run. By understanding exactly...

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  • February 27, 2011 Jay Goldberg

    Walk Behind Sweeper: Your one-stop cleaning machine

    It’s common knowledge that a presentable environment attracts more customers. That is why having a sweeper in your custodial inventory is a must. A sweeper is a janitorial tool that pushes away debris left on floor surfaces. The more cost-effect...

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  • January 20, 2011 Jay Goldberg

    An Industrial Sweeper: the One They’ll Need

    Now more than ever, consumers are squeezing every ounce of utility out of their cleaning equipment. In order to save money and overhead cost by opting for extended maintenance over purchasing new equipment, businesses are making their industrial sweeper or burnisher last...

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  • October 14, 2010 Jay Goldberg

    Floor Sweepers: From Walk-Behinds to Riders, Sized to Serve

    Every cleaning business knows today’s score: Customers want some peace of mind that their buildings are not only neat and clean but are also healthy environments. Floor sweepers have become must-haves in equipment inventories and for good reason. Sweepers get rid of...

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