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Stonecare Machines Make Cleaning Terrazzo Easy

Expensive stone floors such as marble, granite, slate and terrazzo are relatively easy to keep clean and maintain. When people encounter stains or incidental damage that causes discoloration, however, they will often turn to a professional. What causes terrazzo to stain, and what solutions can floorcare professionals offer?

Researchers at the University of Florida noted that many home owners have forgotten how to care for their terrazzo floors, even though routine maintenance is actually quite easy. Citing the tile’s composition, being a combination of Portland cement and marble, they point to the porous, absorbent cement portion of terrazzo as the problematic ingredient. While around seventy percent of terrazzo’s surface will be marble, the rest is prone to staining and must be maintained rigorously.

If a terrazzo floor is dull and does not respond to polishing and cleaning, it likely needs to be refinished completely. When a new terrazzo floor is installed, it should be finished with a thin coat of sealer. If it wasn’t in the beginning, or if the sealer appears to have worn off, repeat the process for your client. Many floors will be covered in a wax which is actually unnecessary if the sealant is intact. Strip the wax, making sure that every square inch of surface is stripped. Clean the tile thoroughly and remove any stains. After any blemishes are removed, resealing the floor for your client will allow them to maintain its appearance on their own.

While this process is simple for a professional, it is extremely labor intensive without the right tools. A single terrazzo cleaning machine is the only tool you need to complete these jobs. Look for a stonecare machine with a built in reservoir that can handle the cleaning and water removal. Stripping and polishing can also be done with the same machine.

Onfloor’s suite of stonecare machines offers a variety of sizes to suit almost any terrazzo restoration or cleaning job. For tighter spaces or non-symmetrical layouts, the 10 inch stonecare machine is a sure bet. It is comfortable and durable, with a host of design features that increase its usability and reduce fatigue while maximizing the life of the machine. The planetary gear system is permanently lubricated, taking one ongoing maintenance item of your list. The real time amp meter and adjustable weights allow the operator to manage the surface pressure incrementally without stepping outside of the recommended amperage range.

In addition to being convenient, the machine is safe. The extra long 50 foot power cable is water resistant. The extra large handlebars feature non-conductive triggers situated on both sides, and they are equipped with a safety lockout feature to keep the machine from starting accidentally. You will be amazed at how well Onfloor’s floorcare machines can handle the toughest, most demanding jobs.

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