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Steam Cleaning Advantages: Cleaner Options for Industrial Floors

While traditional commercial vacuum cleaners are capable of removing surface dirt from carpets and flooring, you can achieve a much cleaner floor when you opt for an industrial steam cleaner. In high-traffic areas where soil and grime is embedded into carpet, tile or upholstery, a steam vacuum machine is capable of reaching into porous materials to loosen debris, providing a much deeper and more thorough cleansing.

Using a commercial steam machine in your place of business is particularly advantageous – besides providing a cleaner environment, you’ll also be removing a number of irritants from the atmosphere that will literally have everyone breathing a little bit freer. Did you know that carpets and other upholstered surfaces can harbor dust mites, fungi, mold spores and even viruses that can trigger allergies, asthma and other respiratory-related health issues? With regular usage, steam-cleaning machines used on your facility’s carpet and other surfaces can improve the overall air quality and sanitary conditions of your building.

Below, a list of areas in your facility where industrial steam cleaning is particularly useful:

  • Bathrooms – very useful at cleaning grout & great at unclogging drains; excellent at deep-cleaning and deodorizing
  • Kitchens – provides a thorough sanitation in high-traffic areas, killing dangerous bacteria, germs and microorganisms where cross-contamination is a risk
  • Conference rooms and hallways – freshens carpets and removes stains and stale odors from upholstery (such as curtains & furniture)
Cleanfix DS8 Commercial Steamer Vacuum

Other usages:

  • Wall paper removal
  • Windows, screens, mirrors and sliding glass doors


TIP: For a maximum performance steam vacuum, opt for the Mastercraft DS-7 steam cleaner for the best steam-clean. The vacuum offers both steaming and vacuuming in one to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

Commercial steam cleaners, as you can see, aren’t just for carpets (commercial carpet steam cleaners) – they’re also terrific for removing wall paper and other tasks that involve the removal of adhesives. Cleaning mirrors, windows, screens and sliding glass doors also becomes a breeze and allows you to disinfect your surfaces while providing an aesthetically-pleasing result as well as a healthier environment overall.

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