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Shopping for Floorcare Accessories

There’s a lot of talk online about floorcare tools for businesses. What is the best all-in-one solution for a rising business? How do you shop for a burnisher? There are plenty of resources that describe floorcare machines in detail and offer insight on how to shop for them. But what should a business-owner do once they buy the right machine? While most machines will come with a number of proprietary attachments and accessories, there is a wealth of opportunity in accessories alone that can add considerable value to your equipment.

Once businesses have made a decision to invest in the right equipment, they may be surprised at the number of accessories available for their new machines. The right accessories can vastly improve the effectiveness of floorcare equipment. In some cases, a simple attachment may revolutionize the way you use it. Take an industrial scrubber or sander, for example. By equipping it with any number of attachments, the tool can effectively treat several surfaces from cleaning to finishing, including concrete floors, hardwood, stone and decks.

Stripping quality floors requires the perfect accessory to make sure there is no damage to the actual floor. Particularly in the case of hardwood floors, you must select the right attachment to protect the natural finish of the wood. Onfloor provides a nice selection of Diamabrush accessories ideally suited for almost any job. From hardwoods to industrial concrete, they have meticulously engineered their scrubbers for specific applications. They offer impressive value, and each Diamabrush comes in a set of three. Concrete polishing also requires precision, and Onfloor’s selection of Phenores concrete polishers ranges from 50 to 3,500 grit. They are also available in thin and thick varieties, with the thick pads being designed for both dry and wet use.

For stone, a high-quality resin is useful to grind, smooth and polish. These accessories are particularly versatile because they can be used when wet or dry. As with other polishing or sanding accessories, resins are available in a variety of grit gradients, trending from coarse to very fine in ascending order. A 120 grit stone resin, for example, is much coarser than an 800-grit resin. For metal surfaces, try a diamond disk. Your grit will depend on the hardness or density of the metal surface. For softer metal surfaces, use a finer grit.

Decks are often overlooked when it comes to floorcare maintenance, but they are many times a business’s first impression. Onfloor’s deck scrubbing brush and quality sand paper pads are perfect for cleaning and refinishing worn out exterior decks. Older decks will also have a tendency to warp or show deck cupping over time. The Gold Diamond Deck Plate effectively flattens older decks and prepares them for sanding and refinishing. The deck will look brand new, and the walking surface will be perfectly even.

Once you have made the decision to purchase a floorcare machine, do not stop there. You have just scratched the surface of its potential!

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