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Sharing The Benefits of Boiler and Furnace Maintenance

Just as the summer’s heat begins to fade, property owners in colder climates are almost ready to prep for winter. In order to get the most out of their furnace or boiler this year, homeowners or landlords will need a professional cleaning. A clean furnace maximizes fuel efficiency and it guarantees longer life out of blowers, as well as cleaner air in the home.

When talking to clients and potential clients about boiler and furnace maintenance, always be prepared to explain the benefits of routine maintenance, particularly at the beginning of the season.

  • Prolong the life of your equipment, including the boiler or the furnace and the delivery system.
  • Substantial cost savings due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Improve indoor air quality throughout the year. By removing dust, soot, allergens and mold from a heating system, the resulting air quality in the home is vastly improved. This translates into a substantially improved quality of life, and it can influence long term health.

Mastercraft 641M Furnace Vacuum

Indoor air quality is an issue in the United States on the national level. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, research shows that the air inside the homes and buildings of even some of the country’s most industrialized cities can actually be dirtier than the air outside. Most homeowners are concerned with the air quality in their cities, but few realize the potential hazards of poor indoor air quality. Since people in the United States spend most of their time indoors, maintaining a healthy quality of air in the spaces the work and live is of utmost importance.

By servicing boilers and furnaces to clean soot, you provide outstanding value to your customers. Communicate with them frankly about the risks of dirty air, both for them and for their children or tenants. By helping them understand the implications of a dirty boiler or furnace, beyond costing them more money, you can develop a more loyal client base.

Mastercraft 654M Furnace Vacuum

If adding value to your services for your customers makes sense, then increasing the value you get out of your equipment is good business, too. Mastercraft, one of the premier manufacturers of vacuums and other floor care equipment, has an impressive offering of furnace vacuums. The Sootmaster product line provides exceptional value to contractors worldwide. These ultra-portable, efficient machines are powerful enough to do any job, while operating quietly.

If you are new to the industry, getting started is a breeze with Mastercraft’s handy accessory kits. They have conveniently packaged everything you need to get started in each kit, from paper filters to hoses and nozzles.

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