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Resurface Your Floors With The OnFloor Series

An easy way to improve the look of your home or business is resurfacing dull floors. Polished and properly cared for floors can make a space look fresh and new. There are several ways to go about this, the first being hiring a professional. A quality professional will have the proper tools to get the job done right and the process is hassle free. This is a great option for many people, but if you are more hands on and can invest in the correct tools, you can easily resurface your own floors. While you should take time to prepare yourself and make sure that you know what you will be doing, the process should not be difficult.

The OnFloor 16-2V is a multi-surface machine designed for resurfacing concrete floors and restoring or preparing wood decks or hardwood floors. The machine has a multitude of features including a unique belt drive and three head system designed for smooth operation with superior results. The patented counter rotating head make the machine easy to operate and control with no sliding.  Other features include a four gallon solution tank and an adjustable dirt skirt to provide dust containment during operation.  The machine also has a flexible start up trigger that is non-conductive with a safety lock to prevent accidental start up. A heavy duty steel frame with a handle that disconnects and six inch transport wheels make this machine easy to move while the 16 inch wide body allows you to cover both large rooms and small hallways easily. This heavy duty resurfacing tool is a perfect choice for making wooden and concrete floors look as good as new. Deck looking dingy, finished basement looking unfinished? Invest in the OnFloor 16-2V.

If you’re looking to grind, polish, or both, consider the OnFloor 20-12. This 20 inch wide machine comes complete with many of the same features as it’s slightly narrower companion. Some of these practical features include a 30 foot power cord, heavy duty switch and durable steel frame. This machine can handle large scale professional jobs and personal polishing needs with ease. Designed to provide quality results with minimum effort, the machine utilizes a wide variety of diamond and carbide abrasives to prepare concrete surfaces for coating as well as bringing out the natural luster of a concrete floor during polishing applications. The OnFloor 20-12 can be operated wet or dry, making the machine a versatile option for contractors and home owners alike.

Both machines are worthwhile investments and can easily suit most home and business floor resurfacing needs. Every school system should have them, as well as cleaning and floor care professionals. Though they may be pricey to an individual home owner, the OnFloor series can restore many hard surface floors in a home, increasing the value. Though deciding to purchase a machine like this may be difficult, choosing the right brand is not. You do not want to invest in lower quality products that may chip, scratch or otherwise damage floors.

Choosing the right machines to polish, grind and resurface concrete and wood floors.

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