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Rejuvenating Your Space? Consider Hardwood Floor Sanders

Hardwood flooring has long been a popular finish in businesses across multiple industries due to its warmth, charm and general appeal. Many businesses choose it over colder, more durable surfaces such as concrete or tile. Some choose wood floors in new construction. Others acquire or rent a facility that already has wood installed. There are certain aesthetic benefits to having wood floor in a business, particularly in the retail industry. The ambiance created by hardwood can create a comfortable atmosphere where people feel at ease, and such an environment can have a positive impact on sales.

What should you do if the wood floors in your space are unattractive? For those with preexisting wood flooring, rejuvenating the floor for the sake of appearance can be a wise investment. No matter what aesthetic you choose for your space, a properly cared for floor will improve your business’s credibility. Even the rustic charm of an old wood floor can be lost if it appears to be dirty or mistreated. Be careful to select a finish that compliments the design and intended use of your space. The difference between distressed and distracting is subtle, and it can have an impact on your business.

Keep in mind that old floors cannot be completely refinished too many times. Older wood floors are typically thicker than newer ones, but sanding them down to be refinished reduces their integrity. This makes getting it right the first time very important. Take special care in planning your floor care schedule, particularly when considering any type of refinishing.

How do you maintain hardwood floors in a commercial environment? To make sure they last as long as they are supposed to, proper care of the materials is a top priority. In order to maintain your floor, you must have the right equipment and someone capable of using it. From buffers to hardwood floor sanders, there is a specific set of tools for each floor type. Depending on the type of flooring in your space, there are a number of affordable options that will suit your needs.

Even if you have the right equipment, properly sanding a large surface area of hardwood flooring is no simple task. In order to ensure a smooth, efficient floor care process, make this daunting task manageable by hiring someone with the knowledge necessary to do it right the first time. A properly trained custodial staff will understand the capabilities and limitations of your equipment. They will also remember that it is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

It is no secret that the finish on wood floors requires special care, but it also needs to be replaced more frequently than comparably sized concrete floors. To reduce the frequency at which a floor must be refinished, there are finishes designed specifically for commercial applications. Acrylic impregnated floors, for example, have harder surfaces that show less wear than untreated wood.

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