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Promoting Routine Stone Maintenance is Good Business

Stone floors are expensive, and anyone willing to make such an investment in their floor needs to be aware of the maintenance requirements unique to stone. Stone is a popular choice because of its aesthetic quality. Whether the surface is marble, granite, travertine or any other natural stone variation, property owners have a responsibility to keep them looking the way they do when they are new. By promoting routine maintenance of stone floors between cleanings, you can add value to your business and ensure that the floors will look great every time you attend to them.

These simple tips might seem redundant or too elementary to share, but it is easy to forget these floor care basics. Offer a gentle reminder of the following tips, or create a floor care “cheat sheet” of maintenance tips.

Use Soap, Not Detergent
Remind your client that they should never use detergents on stone floors. Simple dish soap or a castile soap is ideal for mopping, and it will not leave a residue if rinsed properly. To maintain a lustrous finish, never use a vinegar-based cleaner on stone. To remove mold or mildew, a solution of bleach and hot water will do, but always avoid mixing bleach and ammonia.

Use Door Mats and Rugs
By properly placing mats and rugs, your clients can drastically reduce the amount of dirt, grit and sand that is tracked onto their floors. Staging mats at high-traffic entry points and identifying the best placement for rugs and runners can help protect the finish on stone flooring without making it any less beautiful.

Lift, Don’t Drag
When moving furniture around on stone, it is important to lift and place it in its desired location. Dragging furniture across stone can damage it. Encourage your clients to arrange their furniture when enough spare hands are available to do it properly.

Vacuum Often
Sweeping stone floors is an easy way to get rid of dust, but it is not ideal for the finish. Instead, recommend using a vacuum to remove particles that could scratch surfaces. Some floor care machines actually vacuum as a part of their cleaning process, so it might be best to recommend routine professional cleaning for large, commercial surfaces.

Establish a Maintenance Plan
Most commercial spaces and large homes are too much for a property owner or manager to maintain on their own. The value you provide with your services is welcome, and you can ensure that you meet those expectations by using the best tools available. A comprehensive stone care system from On Floor makes quick work of refinishing, polishing or burnishing concrete, tile and stone floors.

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