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Multipurpose Concrete Floor Systems for Contractors

Professional flooring contractors looking for the ideal multipurpose grinding and polishing systems have a vast range of options. Whether the application is retail, commercial or industrial, the average square footage of the job is the single most determining factor in selecting the right machinery. When identifying a suitable commercial floor cleaning machine, also consider whether a walk behind or riding machine is best, your budget, as well as time available for maintenance. With newer machines, ongoing maintenance is becoming increasingly important.  If you are looking for something state of the art, these innovative machines from Onfloor are worth investigating.

For professionals, there are few products that offer as many competitive advantages as the Creteboss floor polishing machine. This versatile machine grinds with intensity and polishes with precision while controlling dust. Few multipurpose machines can accomplish so much in just one pass. Selected in lieu of a standard walk behind sweeper, machines like the Creteboss result in incredible time savings. They also decrease long-term wear and strain on machine operators.Beyond its wealth of features, the machine is also simple enough to maintain and interchange parts. The operator has the flexibility to change attachments without the need for specialized tools. This makes real-time conversion simple and practical, saving workers time and contractors money.

For heavy-duty grinding and polishing jobs, some contractors prefer a more specialized machine designed to knock out jobs in less time than their more versatile counterparts. A common challenge with specialized grinders and polishers involves managing the cost of ongoing maintenance in terms of money and time. The Onfloor54 system can match almost any job, offering a staggering 54-inch work path, and its innovative design reduces maintenance headaches. This machine gets its wide work path from three independent heads, each measuring 20 inches, powered by three independent motors. Each of the bowls gets 5 horse power out of 6 amps. Each of these heads floats apart from the others, allowing the machine to conform to the natural contours of the floor. The motors are also durable, and their belts and bearings can easily be swapped out with ordinary tools.

Easy maintenance is only the tip of the iceberg. In terms of usability and operator comfort, Onfloor has taken serious steps at designing its products for ease of use. The handle, equipped with a safety trigger, easily adjusts to the operator’s height. The machine also has an electric lift system that makes changing out tools a breeze for one operator. Combined with independent swiveling bowls, this feature sets the Onfloor54 apart.

For a speedy polishing job, consider the Swoop34. This machine is fast, and it can accommodate polishing pads from 16 through 3000 grit. Its motors are similar to the Onfloor54, but they are direct drive and do not swivel independently. The work path is 34 inches. Compared to a standard floor burnisher with a single motor, the Swoop34 is lightning. According to the manufacturer, a single operator walking behind the machine can polish 5,000 square feet of prepared concrete in a working single day.

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