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Minimizing Carpet Damage with Swift Water Removal

Homeowners shudder at the sound of gushing water. Someone as simple as a leaky valve or broken gasket can release hundreds of gallons of water from a faucet or appliance. People with large amounts of carpet have the most to lose when it comes to unexpected leaks. Once they have identified the source of the water and sealed, damage control is a top priority. Experts always recommend hiring a professional for water removal, particularly when large amounts are involved (more than a few inches). Thus, it is essential to have the best tools in your arsenal to reduce the risk of permanent carpet damage in these situations. Simply carpet cleaning is not enough.

After identifying the complexity and magnitude of the problem, you will need to start removing the water immediately. In some cases, the amount of water may be so great that a carpet extractor is needed to help draw it out and clean the damaged area. Mastercraft’s Rebel Box Extractors are particularly convenient because their clear dome lids make monitoring the cleaning solution easy. These unique machines spray cleaning solution deep into the fibers of the carpet while removing the dirty solution with powerful suction. The cleaning action is simultaneous and consistent.

Once the carpet is clean, it is important to dry it as soon as possible. Commercial air movers are an effective way to draw moisture out of carpet more quickly. Mastercraft’s airmovers offer versatile operation, with three different standing positions. The powerful motor gets power from an extra long, twenty-five foot power cable. The fan can operate at three speeds, giving you extra control when you need it most.

In some climates, the humidity in the air will make it even more difficult. By using multiple machines at once, you can maximize their utility and decrease drying time, even in high humidity. Mastercraft’s airmovers are designed to interlock and work in tandem.

TIP: Air movers are particularly beneficial for service industries that require a quick cleaning turnaround. Carpeted hotel rooms, for example, often must be cleaned and dried in a matter of hours.

Some of the most embarrassing carpet stains come from water. Besides the obvious detriment water damage can have to a home, the lasting cosmetic effects can be just as painful. If the source of the leak was in a bathroom, the water carried into the adjacent bedroom’s carpet might be filled with chemicals, or in some cases waste, that can leave unsightly stains embedded deep in the carpet.

There are plenty of DIY carpet stain removal ideas out there, but they rarely do the best job. By offering a reliable service in these times or urgent need, you can grow your business’s customer relationships long term.

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