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Make Your Floors Shine with a Professional Burnisher

Go to your nearest Walmart, Target or other large retail store and look at the floor in each. They are all most likely made of vinyl tile, and they probably have one thing in common – shine. If you have ever wondered how these retails giants keep their floors in pristine shape, even throughout a day’s heavy pedestrian traffic, you are looking at the handiwork of a burnisher.

Buffering a floor is an important quality in businesses. Recent polls suggest that the appearance of a floor has a serious impact on a person’s decision to return to business or not. If you operate a hotel, for example, and your tile floors are dirty, you should expect around 80% of adults to notice and consider not coming back.

If you have people to impress and a reputation to uphold, take a serious look at your cleaning habits and the resources you invest to keep them up all year.

How to Maintain Tile Floors

Most floors require labor intensive maintenance to keep them looking clean. Even by mopping a floor daily, it may appear dirty even when it has been cleaned recently. Without a sealant and regular application of wax, a floor will show wear very easily. Although it makes a big impact on the appearance of a floor, wax is difficult to apply properly, and it is a simple matter of diligence to get it to shine. Keep your floors clean and regularly seal them to maintain their appearance. Burnishers offer a quick, cost-effective way to do this.

Considering the Tile Alternative

If you are not willing to make a commitment to maintaining your tile, sealed concrete may be a more viable alternative. It is much easier to care for, as it requires less cosmetic treatment than tile. Concrete can be painted or sealed and cleaned regularly. In addition to being functional, concrete also creates a unique, rugged aesthetic.

If your space is intended to host people on a semi-permanent basis, the value of these hard surfaces may be lost on you. Consider trends in flooring that may indicate carpet as a better solution for your application. Public spaces that are shared by many people but also function as livable spaces, like certain areas in hospitals or college dorms, are trending toward carpet. Although it can be more difficult to clean, it will also be more hospitable, comfortable and inviting, adding to the quality of life of your residents.

Know Your Options

There is no single way to maintain your floors. Keep up with dances in cleaning options and chemical treatments, including green cleaning supplies, and know your options. The more you understand your needs and the resources at your disposal, the more time and money you will save making them both meet.

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