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Maintaining your furnace with the SootMaster Series

Maintaining a heating or cooling system should not be difficult and while it is best to utilize the services of a professional for some components; it is possible for an individual to handle many of the steps needed to keep things running smoothly. There are several things you can do at home to help ensure the proper maintenance of your furnace. These things include replacing the belt, lubricating the motor and most importantly, cleaning your furnace.

Dirt is your furnaces worst enemy; it can waste fuel and drastically decrease efficiency. Dirt affects all of the main components of your furnace and should be avoided as much as possible. The furnace filter should be replaced at the beginning of the season and on a monthly basis while the furnace is in use. Please remember that it is essential to disconnect power to the furnace before performing any maintenance. Another step you should take regularly is vacuuming out the furnace. When you are choosing a vacuum, go with the best – it is worth the investment. The SootMaster series is recognized as one of the top products on the market. These furnace vacuums are known for both their durability and power.

Sootmaster 652M
Sootmaster 652M

There are two professional grade models recommended for personal and commercial use, the SootMaster 625M and SootMaster 661M. The 625M Model features a 1 horsepower motor and a 6 gallon tank, whilte the 661M Model offers 2.5 horsepower and a twelve gallon tank. Both models feature durable steel motor heads, ball bearing swivel casters for ease of movement and chrome plated spring steel holdown clamps to ensure a positive vacuum seal. Each furnace vacuum offers a 30 foot grounded safety power cord and a sizeable accessory kit. The accessories in this kit include a 10 foot rubber lined canvas hose, a 6 foot flexible metal hose, a  1.5 inch swivel hose connector, a 27 inch crevice tool, a blower nozzle, a 6 inch utility nozzle, a cloth filter and a 5 pack of paper filter bags.

Sootmaster 661M
Sootmaster 661M

Both machines are affordably prices at under $500 for the smaller model and under $1000 for the smaller model. These machines are designed to recover more dirt than vacuums of the same sizes and built for a high degree of efficiency. Each is a worthwhile investment depending on your business or home size, cleaning needs and budget. If you are a professional furnace cleaning business, you might consider investing in both and giving your clients a variety of options. Either way, you have a quality product you can rely on to meet your furnace cleaning and maintenance needs.

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