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Industrial Equipment Reduces Average Job Time

The benefits of a clean floor are numerous. In large spaces where many people will be traveling through and working, clean floors are safer floors. Making sure that your tile floors are clean will reduce hazards in the workplace. By taking your maintenance a step further, polish your floors to improve the quality of your workplace. Bright floors will increase the quality of your employees’ working environment, and clients that visit your space will perceive the difference.

Few business owners deny that cleaning their floors is important. When adding the task to a growing list of priorities amidst tightening budgets, however, the idea of cutting corners on the floor can become attractive. Tile floor care is one of the most costly components of a balanced custodial plan for large commercial environments. Most business owners would agree that it is costly, and they might cite the expense of floor care equipment and chemicals. Many custodians would also agree, but their evaluation of its cost would be based on the amount of time and manpower required to get the job done.

Floor cleaning professionals would not discount the expense of equipment such as a burnisher or floor buffer, but they would place more weight on its ability to complete the task quickly. In this sense, cost and utility for both the employer and the employee overlap, and it gives the task of sourcing the right equipment considerable importance.

High quality industrial burnishers are more effective than their more expensive counterparts because they reduce the man hours needed to polish or strip a large area of tile floor. Simply put, the faster the RPM, or rotations per minute, of the machine, the less time it will take your staff to do its job. Even if you are able to pay your staff the Federal minimum wage of $7.25, cutting their time in half by providing the right equipment would save you a lot of money while encouraging them in their work.

When identifying a machine that will best suit your space, consider several criteria in your selection process. Speed is of utmost importance, and you should look for a machine that operates at 1500 RPM or more. The diameter of the contact surface will also affect time spent, so pay close attention to the attachment size. By upgrading to an appropriately sized burnisher with up to a 30-inch attachment, polishing and buffing a large tile floor will take less time, freeing up resources and man power for other pressing projects.

If you are considering the purchase of a new floor machine, you might be concerned about over-buying. An easy way to select an appropriate machine for your specific needs is to measure the size of your floor space. With your specific needs in mind, you can calculate the time it will take to clean your floors based on different criteria. With an ideal motor speed and pad size in mind, you will be ready to jump on a good deal when you see one.

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