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Hurricane Season Increases Risk of Mold

Hurricane season is in full effect, and while the east coast has seen its fair share of damaging storms, the worst may still be to come. For people that own property, this is a troubling time. No one is immune to damages, either. Take Hurricane Irene, a nominal storm that made a lasting impact on residents in the north east. It ranks among one of the worst storms in the area’s history. Flooding that resulted in areas further inland and north put a new and unexpected burden on home owners.

Water removal is a serious business, because it must be done quickly and effectively. Unlike preventative maintenance or routine cleaning, helping someone clean up after a disaster is time –sensitive work. When working with clients to alleviate some of the effects of heavy flooding, consider discussing the possible effects of serious water damage with them.

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There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about water damage. The risks standing water poses are ample, having both personal and financial implications. Health concerns are of primary importance to families and individuals in regards to their homes. Standing water is the perfect environment to spread many diseases and bacteria. It is also a prescription for mold. The Environmental Protection Agency produces resources designed to help educate the average person on the risk posed by mold.

Property damage due to water intrusion can be a devastating blow to property owners as well. Standing water ruins carpet and wood flooring, destroys furniture and stains dry wall. By removing water quickly and efficiently, you can help reduce the lasting effects of water damage to someone’s property. With the right vacuum, most carpet is salvageable, as long as the water is removed in timely fashion and the carpet is allowed to dry. This is the value contractors are able to offer in providing water removal services.

Many homeowners will assume that removing the visible water is enough to reduce the risk of property damage or mold formation. However, water will seep into enclosed spaces, such as door frames, baseboards or even crawl spaces. These areas are perfectly suited for mold growth, as they are isolated from sun light and maintain ideal temperatures. This invisible mold can slowly grow and cause widespread health issues in the home. Mold prevention is another value added service you can provide.

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Removing water the right way requires the right equipment. A standard vacuum cleaner is not going to get the job done.  Use a heavy duty extractor or commercial vacuum equipment with an adapter capable of pumping out water. By arriving on site with the right tools, including various attachments and accessories needed to draw water out of hidden areas, you can provide peace of mind to your clients.

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