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HEPA Approved Filters For Backpack Vacuums

When looking for a heavy duty vacuum that can properly clean and filter spaces with a high demand for sanitation and exceptional air quality, consider a vacuum with a HEPA filter. High Efficiency Particulate Air filters must meet high standards of efficiency set by the United States Department of Energy. To qualify as HEPA, an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than .3 micrometer from the air that passes through.  HEPA filters are often used in biomedical settings to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and viral organisms. Commonly found in hospitals, HEPA filters are also a great choice for allergy suffers. Your HEPA filter vacuum can trap particles such as pollen and dust mites, preventing allergic reactions.

You have several choices when deciding on a HEPA filter vacuum, but the Mastercraft Enviromaster and the Mastercraft MAV backpack vacuums are two great professional grade choices for industrial and commercial use. The Mastercraft Enviromaster Critical HEPA Vacuum is compact, versatile and excellent for use in difficult to clean areas. The vacuum features an ergonomic back frame, designed to reduce fatigue. The back frame can be removed, if needed, to use this unit as a lightweight canister vacuum. The sealed HEPA filter included with this particular vacuum has a minimum efficiency rating of 99.99% @ 0.1-0.3 microns, allowing for the cleanest air possible. A sealed filter prevents air and dust particles from seeping out of the vacuum; this is a key feature in quality HEPA filter vacuums. A 30 foot, 3 wire grounded safety cord comes with the vacuum, as does a tool kit including a 5 foot aluminum wand, 10 foot vinyl hose, and metal carpet, upholstery and floor tools.

The Mastercraft MAV Critical Filtration HEPA Backpack also features a sealed HEPA filter and a dry tool kit including an 11 inch plastic crevice tool and a swivel hose connector. The stainless steel vacuum is lightweight allowing for free motion heavy duty dustless pickup.  The vacuum features a durable steel venturi head, designed with a built-in safety pressure control and gauge. Its four gallon tank can handle a variety of dry pollutants, but can also be used for every day applications.

Warranties are included with both vacuums and both are good values, retailing for under $1000. They are an investment into the safety of your business or facility, preventing mold, mildew and toxins from spreading throughout the air. Seal in allergens and harmful materials with these heavy duty backpack vacuums, do not settle for vacuums labeled ‘HEPA Like’ or ‘HEPA Style’. Only true HEPA filters provide a degree of filtration backed by government standards.

For the highest degree of filtration, choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter such as the Mastercraft Enviromaster or Mastercraft MAV.

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