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Hardwood Floor Sanders: Must-Have Tools for Restoring Beauty to Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor sanders are a prime example of why you should focus on that most obvious asset of your building premises, which are floors. The prevailing wisdom about building maintenance applies to all types of floors, but especially wood. If you take the right steps, your investments will result in the long life and improved appearance that preserve the floor’s integrity.

Add to that another basic pearl of wisdom in professional maintenance: “Proper” care amounts to getting the right machines and making sure those who operate the machines are properly trained. Inadequate training on floor-sanding equipment, especially, can be quite a problem. Education ensures workers are updated on the latest cleaning techniques. The reward: No floor-care challenge will be too tough to handle.

Hardwood floor sanders preserve the beauty of hardwood floors. Sanders help keep hardwood floors looking like new. Do your homework nonetheless to select the right hardwood floor sander for your needs.

What is a hardwood floor sander? This is a machine for solid hardwood floors that can refinish or repair floors and make them look smooth again. Sanding usually is not a task performed more than three or four times in the floor’s lifetime. Experts believe any solid hardwood floor is good for five or six sandings, max.

Sanding is not as daunting once you become familiar with the types of sanders available:

  • Drum floor sanders: One industry insider calls drum floor sanders “monsters,” but in a positive way. Monster machines are for monster problems: bumps, discolorations, serious scratch marks and other flaws. While they collect most of the dust, safety equipment such as protective eyewear is advised. Learn how to use one thoroughly before trying it out. Incorrect use can damage floors.
  • Orbital sanders: These are ideal if the hardwood floor is not thick enough to withstand another drum sanding, or if the hardwood floor does not have serious imperfections. Orbital sanders glide across the floor to accomplish the smooth finish you want.
  • Edge sanders: These are handhelds that come with dustbags. This type of device is designed for areas that are hard to reach when using drum or orbital sanders.

A New England-based company says it is the first to bring a dustless sanding technology to New England and that it is the largest dustless-floor sanding company in the U.S.

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