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Floor Scrubbing Machines: A Quick, Efficient Method

Back in the day, people had to get down on their hands and knees and scrub to get clean floors. Thankfully, times and things have changed with the invention of floor scrubbing machines. There are two main functions of floor scrubbing machines: to clean and polish floors. Choosing the proper floor scrubbing machine is important. Not only do they remove dirt and bacteria for hygienic reasons, but they give floor surfaces a shiny and new aesthetic. Plus, these machines provide long-lasting results in a short period of time.

How It Works

The floor scrubbing machine first sprays a solution on the floor, and then built-in brushes scrub all the dirt that has stuck to the floor’s surface. After the dirt is lifted and removed from the floor a vacuum sucks up the remaining debris. The machine’s final task is to dry up the surface that ultimately yields a clean, smooth surface. An added step of polishing can be performed as well.

An Array of Choices

WiseGeek has reported that over the years the lines have blurred among the varying types of floor scrubbers. Innovations in the design and function of the floor scrubber have made it possible to use one machine for just about any type of flooring, from cement to natural wood to synthetic floor tiles.

Size, functionality, motor power, and battery life and size all vary depending on the size and surface of the floor you are cleaning. Many models of floor scrubbing machines depend on the type of job at hand: residential, janitorial, commercial, etc. It’s much more cost-efficient to purchase one, such as a walk-behind floor scrubber, than to hire someone as there are no special skills required to use the machines.

Popular Models

  • The Koblenz P1800 – Commercial Floor Scrubber is a commercial style Koblenz twin brush floor machine for home use. This unit also includes a T-bar handle with grips for increased stability and ease of use during extended cleaning sessions and carpet cleaning.
  • The Pullman Holt Floor Scrubber cleans, scrubs, and polishes any hard surface floor or carpet with a commercial machine’s stature, but is easily controlled with one hand. This model gets your floors deeply clean and polished, and can be used on all types of surfaces.
  • The Black and Decker S600 Cordless Powered Scrubber effortlessly cleans all types of floor surface, and can be applied to tile, tubs, countertops, carpets, outdoor furniture, barbecues, car bumpers, and grills, etc.
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