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Exploring Options in Hard Floor Care

Caring for hard floors can be a daunting task for any property owner. Due to the complexity of hard floor care, most people do not even know where to start. By educating yourself about the most current and cutting edge tools available to home owners, business owners and contractors, you can help your clients navigate through the rapidly changing, exciting world of floor care. By understanding the proper application for the wide variety of machines on the market, you will set your business apart from your competition.

Most people think of any number of floor machines when they approach caring for hard floors. Burnishers and sweepers are common tools that lack serious depth and versatility. They serve their primary function well, aiding in the growing popularity of polished concrete floors, but they do not offer much additional value to their owner. Whether the floor surface is concrete, tile or hard wood, there is generally a machine that will make any number of jobs easier. But the average consumer does not understand the proper application of such machines. Cleaning hard wood floors, for example, might not require a machine depending on its size, but refinishing them would be a breeze with the right buffer.

Hard floor cleaning is generally a task for automatic scrubbers. Vast sections of concrete floor is quick work for the right machine. Choosing the right machine from the incredible selection of products on the market can have a huge impact on job time and results. Consider your options when selection an automatic scrubber. There are walk behind models that offer incredible speed and efficiency.


There are ride on models that offer incredible comfort and lasting stamina for the operator, making even the largest projects possible for a single worker. And then there are hybrids that offer the flexibility and versatility of both types, like a stand on model. All of these products from Mastercraft set the standard for durability and control.

For large floors that require frequent, heavy sweeping, there is an innovative product that attaches to your warehouse forklift, making quick work of enormous sweeping jobs. The Propel forklift sweeper is just one example of a host of creative products that are engineered to make your floorcare business successful.

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