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Concrete Floors Resurfacing

Concrete floor polishing is vital to the success of some businesses. Maintaining safe floor surfaces that are also beautiful adds value to businesses with concrete floors. As a contractor or business owner, you know that proper floor care requires qualified staff and the right equipment.

Floor polishers come in a number of styles and configurations. Many businesses make this investment at one point or another, because they are long-lasting and can easily be retrofitted to accomplish other tasks. If you have the staff and equipment on hand, including floor polishing pads and other accessory items, your team is almost there. For any concrete floor resurfacing job, getting rid of the dust is a top concern. Make sure you are ready to handle this waste by having an industrial vacuum or concrete vacuum on hand. The Dynavac Dry Concrete Vacuum, for example, is a dry, cloth filtration vacuum that can hold either 8 or 10 gallons of dust, depending on the model you select.

Newer machines make complex jobs like concrete resurfacing much faster and easier to accomplish. The time savings come largely from the “toll free” solutions that have recently become available, as well as attempts to simplify the resurfacing process. What has traditionally required several machines and people to complete can now be accomplished with a single machine. If your equipment is older, consider upgrading it.

If you are looking for a 360 solution to resurfacing any concrete floor, Creteboss by Onfloor Technologies is a robust machine that literally replaces a crew of people with a single machine and operator. This is made possible by its tool-free maintenance design. Most maintenance can be accomplished by the operator without the need for specialized tools. It’s grinding and polishing deck is larger and more efficient than comparable machines. Its power is delivered by three independent, belt driven heads that pack 5 horsepower each. One machine operator can grind up to 5,000 square feet of concrete floor in a single work day. This is thanks, in part, to the Creteboss’ wide 54-inch grinding and polishing path. The grinding and polishing pads can be interchanged freely without the use of tools. This allows a single operator to throw on the 34-inch high speed burnisher with little headache.

The most impressive value that the Creteboss adds to a resurfacing job is its integrated filters that minimize dust and other debris. For interior jobs in tight spaces, a machine that handles hazardous concrete dust is invaluable. Cement dust has been shown by the EPA to contain numerous hazardous chemicals that are poisonous to animals and humans. The health benefits of eliminating this debris, along with the impact it makes on cleanup time, make these machines a great value for concrete floor polishing. The built-in filter is even self cleaning, allowing the operator to take less time cleaning and more time working.

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