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Concrete Cleaning Best Practices with a Multi-Purpose Edger

For any growing business, offering the right services is one of the cornerstones of success. In the world of floor care, it may seem impressive to offer a host of services to your clients. If you take the time to spec out more complicated jobs and bids, you might find that an honest look at your capabilities can come up short. Concrete cleaning, for example, requires a number of specialized tools to yield a professional outcome.

Carefully considering your firm’s capabilities is also crucial to its long-term success. Over-promising or under-delivering are pitfalls for even the most savvy business men and women. Cleaning concrete floors is no simple task. What your clients might not realize is that creating a professional polish that reaches deep into the tightest overhangs and corners will make a substantial impact on the aesthetic in their environment. This is particularly important for storefronts and show rooms with a larger, more industrial design scheme.

Without the right tools, neither you nor your clients will be able to achieve the most desirable result. By equipping yourself with a multi-purpose edger, you will find that doors can open through referrals that have been previously remained closed.

With recent innovations in the floorcare machine technology, you might be surprised at just how advanced these newer, multi-purpose machines are getting. Onfloor Technologies has recently wowed customers with its impressive lineup of cost-effective, cutting-edge machinery. Onfloor’s Edger-MPL is a prime example of their product offerings. The machine features a flexible trigger for seamless startup which is also equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents the device from powering on accidentally. The durable frame is composed of steel, with a matching heavy-duty handle that is strong and durable but can also be removed quickly from transport or storage. Customers find a pleasant surprise in the powerful motor that is packed into a tight package. Dual capacitors deliver 5 horsepower at 3450 RPM, which is plenty of power and speed to polish concrete.

The real wow factor for this machine lies in its unbelievably low profile. Powered by this machine, you can polish a 16-inch path of concrete nearly a foot underneath overhangs as low as 3.35 inches. The machine is also precise. Equipped with adjustable wheels and casters that serve as a guide, the operator can easily reposition them with a convenient knob. There is no need to worry about an uneven finish, either, because it is equipped with a bubble level that yields a smooth, even operation without argument.

Finding a concrete finishing machine that can handle an entire floor, wall to wall and still refinish those hard to reach areas is extremely difficult. With the Edger-MPL, you will have the tools you need to produce a professional quality job in no time.

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