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Compact Automatic Scrubbers for the Hospitality Industry

When you hear the words “Commercial Floor Scrubber”, you might think of cleaning large concrete spaces such as warehouses or 10,000-square-foot grocery stores. While all of these spaces require commercial equipment to keep them clean and safe, commercial cleaning machines are not reserved for enormous spaces. In fact, the hospitality industry can benefit from floor machines specifically designed for smaller areas. Take, for example, Mastercraft’s line of automatic scrubbers. Available in electric (RA 300) and battery-powered (RA 320) models, these machines are perfect for restaurants, small to mid-sized hotels and event spaces. Depending on the nature of the space, it may be best to select an electric or battery-powered machine. Consider the benefits of each device.

The RA 300 walk behind scrubber has some unique features that ease the task of scrubbing the toughest messes out of your floors. It’s cleaning operation works moving forward and in reverse, reducing the amount of time spent maneuvering the device around some of those tighter spaces. It also features two quick release sponges to aid in deep cleaning, along with dual squeegees that assist in drying the floor as you clean it. Since this machine is electric, there is virtually no limit to how long it can be operated at a time. If your floor takes 2 hours to clean, the RA 300 will allow you to accomplish it at once. If time is not one of your primary concerns, consider the battery-powered counterpart of the RA 300 that packs some additional features and benefits.

The RA 320 packs all of the precision cleaning power of the RA 300 while adding the versatility of battery power. This compact machine is easy to maneuver and is also ideal for spaces ranging up to 2,000 square feet. The benefits of battery power are that it increases portability and convenience as well as saving time. The brush speed is also nearly twice that of its electric counterpart. The RA 320 also features two detachable tanks that keep the cleaning solution and dirty water that results from cleaning separate. There is a limit to how long you can clean between charges. The manufacturer estimates that each charge will provide around 40 minutes of deep cleaning. With this time constraint, it may be difficult to accomplish everything without long periods of waiting for your machine to recharge.

While a battery-powered unit may be appealing, it can also be more of a burden on its operator. In this case, the RA 320 features an integrated battery and charging system that adds almost 30 pounds to its shipping weight. This forty percent differential is substantial, and it makes this compact machine more formidable and more difficult to control. Even considering the increase in weight, however, both machines are relatively light and easy to maneuver.

With both of these products, you get the durability and precision quality that characterizes each Mastercraft product. Since the manufacturer provides a detailed manual and parts list, ongoing maintenance of these machines can be simple as well.

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