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Common Uses For Commercial Floor Scrubbers

For buildings and complexes with large, hard floors such as ceramic or linoleum tile, wood and stone, maintaining the appearance and integrity of the floors is a complicated, labor intensive task. Depending on the size of the organization that occupies the space, an entire custodial team may be tasked with floor maintenance. Anywhere from school gymnasiums to major retail spaces, keeping floors clean is a top priority, both in terms of safety and general appearance.

The common thread behind a basic major floor maintenance plan is often a serious piece of equipment. Commercial floor scrubbers make several complex, labor intensive tasks easier. Large for-profit companies are often willing to invest in such equipment because it maximizes the utility of their employees’ time. It also removes much of the heavy labor from the floor maintenance equation, making the task more manageable long term.

Non-profit organizations often avoid purchasing such expensive equipment, due to budget constraints or lack of awareness of their capabilities. Commercial floor cleaning equipment can be a wise investment for a non-profit, because such organizations often have vast amounts of floor space to maintain with very few people to maintain it.

A floor scrubber can help turn a long, arduous process into a manageable task that can be accomplished by one or two people. With this commercial equipment, you can perform routine cleaning, polish your floors, strip them completely of their finish when necessary, and apply completely new finish, sealants or wax as needed. Having such a versatile machine in house can have a major impact on your ability to respond to crises, as well. Major spills can be detrimental to your business, as they interrupt the normal flow of activity or commerce and create a hazardous environment. Floor scrubbers can take care of a sizeable mess quickly and effectively.

There are different types of scrubbers for different applications. For large spaces, automatic scrubbers can appear much like riding lawn mowers, and they offer similar conveniences. Smaller spaces can still have the convenience of a commercial scrubber by purchasing a smaller machine designed to be operated from the rear. The type of machine you select will greatly influence its cost, so make sure you understand your needs completely before shopping for a commercial buffer.

Another distinguishing factor is the machine’s power source. You will find very similar machines that use propane, battery power or electricity from an outlet. Propane scrubbers are powerful and efficient, but the exhaust they create may be too much for your space. Battery-powered scrubbers are quiet do not emit fumes, and you can take them almost anywhere. You will have to stop to recharge the battery, however, and replacement battery units can be expensive. Electric scrubbers will not require downtime to be refilled or recharged, but you will also be limited to where you can take the machine, as power must be available.

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