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Clean Floors Help Pass Health Inspections

Restaurants are finding it harder than ever to maintain good inspection marks. With tens of thousands of people losing their lives due to food borne illness each year, government agencies are cracking down on inspections. By being proactive, with routine self inspection and proper cleaning, business owners can rest easy.

Clean floors are paramount in passing health inspections. Hard to reach floor areas can make routine cleaning more difficult than it should be. For hard floors in bathrooms or kitchens, appliances and fixtures might get in your way. Making sure that tile floors are clean around sinks, showers and toilets is extremely important, especially when it comes to passing sanitation inspections. Cleaning grout and tile that is obstructed by furniture and fixtures is also difficult, but it is the responsibility of a business owner to keep such areas clean at all times. By investing in simple floor cleaning technology, you can save time and resources on cleaning in the long term.

Ideal for businesses that maintain moderate amounts of hard floor space with unconventional spaces, compact floor scrubbers give you access to the benefits of floor machines in spaces where they do not normally fit. The Scrubby 2-in-1 Battery Scrubber, for example, simplifies the cleaning process by making it easier to deep clean nooks and areas that are difficult to reach.

This time saving machine will help you effectively clean near baseboards, around toilets and sinks, and even around appliances.  By simplifying your floor cleaning routine, you can spend valuable maintenance time elsewhere. It has the added benefit of a detachable handle, making it the perfect handheld scrubber to tackle shower walls, backsplashes and other hard vertical surfaces. At just 13 pounds, it is easy to hold and will not cause as much fatigue as other heavier machines. Even if you have a large area to clean, the rechargeable battery lets you get plenty of scrubbing done on a single charge.

Floor machines have an added benefit of leaving the floor much cleaner than if it were done by hand, regardless of where you use them. The versatile scrubby is a great option for those not ready to invest in a larger scrubber.

For a precise clean in even tighter areas, such as corners, grout, baseboards and beneath furniture and cabinetry, a compact edger such as the Mastercraft MWB 90 Scrubber/Edger is a wise investment. This compact device easily stores in a closet or pantry, but it provides the deep clean of a device much larger and heavier. It features a 25-foot power cable and an adjustable handle with dual triggers, making it easy for anyone to operate.

The intelligent, non-slip drive system will last for a long time because it is designed to be used as both an edger and a scrubber. The detachable cleaning surface can be swapped from an edging brush to a 6” buffing pad quickly and easily. The brush itself operates in three positions, center, left or right, to reach all of the toughest spots.

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