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Carpet Shampooers: An Easy Solution for Keeping Up Appearances

There’s a similar ring to the message about carpet shampooers–from consumer blogs to manufacturers offering expert advice. That message is that carpet shampooers will turn out to be your best investment in carpet care.

Carpets add warmth, beauty and character to commercial offices and homes but they are demanding in proper upkeep. A vacuum-cleaner protocol can do so much, but normal traffic, leave alone spills and stains, creates a buildup of embedded carpet dirt.

Carpet shampooing at least several times throughout the year is necessary. Left neglected, your beautiful carpeting becomes carpeting that presents a real disadvantage.

Regularly shampooed carpets enhance clean indoor environments. These shampooers get rid of harmful allergens that become trapped in carpet fibers, especially harmful to people with respiratory ailments and at sites such as schools and clinics. . Besides, there’s savings in less worker absenteeism.

The money spent on carpet shampooers is money saved. A well-kept carpet does not need expensive replacements

There are many models and feature sets to choose from. You can find shampooers that do a great job whether your carpet is thick or thin. One example of a basic carpet shampooer works with dual tanks, the top one for the cleaning solution and the bottom tank for the dirty water extracted from the carpet.

Brushes vary from model to model. You can choose fixed brushes or brushes that rotate. There are tradeoffs. Rotating brushes clean very well but if your environment calls for frequent shampooing—more than two or three times a year—those rotating brushes may wear out your carpet. Some carpet fibers unravel, become frayed, and take on different shades of color more easily than others.

TIP: Ultimately, the key to proper floor care is the right equipment and knowhow.

If you are not sure if your carpet will respond well to the model you want, ask your retailer or distributors. Also check out customer reviews and professional product information.

Tank Size Matters

Carpet shampooer advisors frequently stress the size advantage, for those buyers who need not worry about lightweight models: the bigger the tank, the easier the task.

Mastercraft powered by
bidirectional Carpet Extractor

Having to keep emptying the dirty water and refilling with clean water is admittedly tedious. Shampooers with big tanks attract buyers who place great priority on being able to cut down on the number of times required for emptying and refilling.

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