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Carpet Extractors: Solutions for Longer-Lasting Carpets

From modest spot cleaners to riding machines to truck mounts, carpet extractors are catering to a needy business marketplace. As a cautious economic mood continues to prevail, the preference is to spend on upkeep and to preserve all existing carpets rather than buy new carpets.Extractors are cleaning machines that turn soiled carpets into clean carpets. These extractors are particularly valued as machines that make carpets look better and last longer.Industry insiders note that when users express interest in buying extractors, their prime concern is reliability. Is the machine user-friendly? Does it provide easy access to components for servicing? Should there be a problem, easy access to the components leads to easier repair, alleviating downtime and costs.What’s the best way to choose an extractor that fits your needs? Here is a brief summary of today’s choices.

The selling point of portable extractors is flexibility. Portables are for tasks that require freedom of movement. A truck-mounted extractor needs a structure where the doors are kept open. Many office buildings have security regulations where doors need to stay closed.Portables are also ideal for settings with carpeted stairwells, or for carpeting in automotive and recreational vehicles.Rider carpet extractors are attractive choices for users who want easy labor Some are ideal for very large carpet areas. Rider models are considered as ideal for airports, convention centers, casinos, hotels, and government buildings.

Truck Mounts
Truck-mount carpet extractors are bolted into a van or truck.Professional carpet cleaners have been using truck mounts for years: Truck mounts have grown synonymous with efficiency and cleaning speed. The machine is stationary, thus allowing for less time spent on each job. Truck-mounts are practical when the operator focus in on high-volume carpet cleaning. The machines are also prized for their capabilities to perform deep and thorough cleaning.

Purchase Points
In a survey conducted earlier this year, purchases of carpet extractors revealed some strong feelings among those who chose portables and those who chose truck mounts.Portable users said they valued portables’ flexibility. Those who use truck mounts said they thought carpets come out cleaner with truck mounts.

Best of Both
Some carpet cleaning operators keep both types—portable and truck mount. Should the truck mount or the van that is carrying the machine break down, the operators retain the portable as backup to keep business alive and moving.

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