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Brace for Hurricane Season with a Flood Vacuum

When hurricane season rolls around each year, home and business owners throughout the United States brace for the worst. In the best case scenario, you will not need to worry about unwanted water entering the threshold of your property. Should rain or sea water flood indoors, however, it is important to remove it as quickly as possible.

The primary risk of water intrusion is the health hazard it can represent. When water is allowed to sit for any period of time, even if it was clean ocean water upon entry, it will soon fester and create a serious health risk. For examples of the effects of tepid flood water, consider the thousands of property owners devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

A secondary and equally taxing risk is financial. Most Americans know that floods are rarely covered under homeowner’s and renter’s insurance. This has prompted fierce debate and even government intervention (FEMA helps cover some losses), but the fact remains that flood damage is largely the financial responsibility of the property owner. Should a flood or hurricane damage your property, you will need more than the wet/dry vacuum you have in the garage to keep things under control.

When flood waters begin to roll in uncontrollably, you will be limited by the capacity of your vacuum. Consider commercial grade flood pump tank vacuums such as Mastercraft’s Rebel Box Extractors. These high quality machines are used by contractors to do serious water removal and cleanup jobs. The machine’s fiberglass tank will not corrode, and you can also use any type of cleaning solution without worrying about damaging the machine. Its nozzle includes two spray jets to make applying the solution easy and effective. Optional accessories such as an upholstery attachment make the vacuum more versatile, as well. By increasing the ways you can use the machine, you can maximize value and decrease the overall cost of storm preparedness.

If you own a commercial grade vacuum, you can also loan it to friends and family for tasks throughout the year. Sharing the machine between several neighbors is also a great way to keep costs down while guaranteeing that it will never be far from reach in case of an emergency.

If your budget is tight, you do not necessarily need to purchase a new machine to prepare yourself. By retrofitting your vacuum with a flood pump, you can rest easy this hurricane season without overspending. Even with sustained rain bringing water continuously, a pump-out vacuum adapter ensures that you can move the water out of sensitive areas.  A poly fitting guarantees that you will not corrode your steel tank vacuum, allowing you to use it as a recovery tank as the system simultaneously pumps water out of the reservoir. The adapter also comes with a 12 inch gulper tool that quickly sucks up an impressive amount of water.

Mastercraft is a respected manufacturer of high-quality equipment, making virtually every floorcare tool. Individual product offerings include a vacuum sweeper, floor sweeper, walk behind sweeper and industrial sweeper. The company’s lineup of flood vacuums will stand up to years of use.

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