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Battery Life of Automatic Industrial Scrubbers

There are plenty of standard floorcare machines that are powered by batteries. Owners of these machines benefit from a wireless cleaning experience, never having to stop to move power cables from place to place. Newer machines such as the Mastercraft Sauber Ride-On Scrubber offer just as much cleaning power as their wired counterparts. The machine comes in two scrubbing path sizes, 30 inches in the RA 800 and 34 inches in the RA 900. Its batteries offer a competitive 4-hour use on each charge, making it possible to complete a large surface area on one charge. Since the Sauber is fifty percent faster than a comparably sized walk-behind scrubber, it can compete well in terms of coverage. If you need more time per charge, look into other options in the battery-powered floor machine market.

If maximum battery life is your top priority, consider the growing market of robotic floor machines. The popular Roomba from iRobot is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of floor machines that operate without direct human control. Automatic industrial scrubbers such as the Robo 40, for example, can clean more than 12,000 square feet of floor without human action. A trained custodian can oversee the machine’s operation. The Robo 40 is controlled by a smart navigation system that is informed by a number of sensors on the device. The best part about robotic scrubbers such as this is its battery life. The Robo 40 can operate for 6 hours on a single charge, taking only 4 hours to charge completely.

As with all floor equipment, keeping them in like-new condition through ongoing maintenance will improve machine life. By establishing a routine maintenance schedule for your equipment, you can also increase the life of your batteries. Caring for batteries is simple. In order to keep them running at their full capacity and potential, always check on them periodically and store them properly. If your machine is used regularly, the batteries can remain intact. If you only use it periodically, consider disconnecting your batteries between uses. Always store your battery-powered equipment in a safe, cool place, as heat exposure can damage batteries.

If your batteries have water levels, check them regularly. Also ensure that any connections between your batteries and the floor machine are secure and clean. A dirty or corroded connector can mean trouble for the batteries. If you have standard acid batteries (most machines do), charge them completely on a fixed schedule to ensure long-term battery life. Always charge the batteries completely prior to use, and do not over-charge them.

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