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All Purpose Edger Cleaners Add a Professional Touch

Clients often wonder what makes a professional floor resurfacing or concrete floor cleaning job stand above a DIY or bargain approach. The difference between your work and the work of your closest competitor rests in the details. The little aspects of even the biggest jobs can have a massive impact on customer satisfaction. They can also mean the difference between a referral and the cold shoulder. With more and more businesses and homeowners in North America choosing concrete floors, there is an increased demand for professionals in the field.

Despite the lack of expertise and capability of most general custodians, businesses will always try to take care of their refinishing in house if they can avoid the expense of hiring a professional. Even some of the smaller businesses in your area might own their own floor care machine. The device will typically be a multi-purpose tool that covers many applications. It will grind, polish and likely vacuum. While there are always exceptions to the rule, the average multi-purpose machine will rarely do a professional quality job in every area. One machine might have an exceptionally fine polishing capability, but its grinder might not apply enough pressure. Or, a powerful machine might lack the finesse it takes to polish a concrete floor to acceptable standards.

An area where even the most capable machine might struggle is edging. An all purpose edger will allow you to maneuver within close proximity of walls, reaching into corners and edges that most machines will never touch. Relatively affordable machines such as Onfloor’s Edge-251 are ideal for concrete. Where finesse is a concern, these expert machines have a unique gear system that maintains flawless pressure, leaving a professional polish that is almost impossible to replicate. For even more precision and control, the Edge-MPL can reach even further into overhangs, with a clearance of just 3.25 inches. It can also be tooled for use on hardwood floors, adding versatility to its list of benefits.

By demonstrating your ability to create a clean, professional polish the reaches as far as a customer’s eye, you might be surprised at the type of accounts you are able to secure. It only takes one job of delivering excellent work. Your client will notice the difference and help you spread the word about your services. Edger cleaners are an excellent investment for your business.

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