How To Remove Tough Commercial Stains

by Andrew Maffettone on May 22, 2017

Whether it’s set-in coffee, tread marks, oil, grease, or even the dreaded ink explosion, a single stain can be an eyesore on otherwise gorgeous flooring. But what if a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner isn’t enough? How can you remove that set-in stain—even weeks or months later? Commercial, industrial carpet extractors, and spotters are the solutions for […]


The Ultimate Guide To Sealing And Finishing Your Floors

by Andrew Maffettone on May 5, 2017

Replacing floors is one of the biggest organizational expenses, with regards to building costs, due to the high price of materials, necessary manpower, and inconvenience to and loss of productivity of workers in the building. Minimize this expense by protecting your floors for the long-haul using proper sealants and finishers. Sealers protect your floors against […]